Iphone 12 to Sport 10 Bit XDR Screen with 120 Hz Display

There has been a lot of rumors running around for the past few months about the Apple iPhone 12 series. it is most likely that the upcoming iPhone 12 will sport a 120 Hz refresh rate display.

The iPhone 12 and the 120 Hz Display:

Most probably iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro max will feature the 120 Hz display. There might also be two variants one with the 60-hertz refresh rate and the other with the 120-hertz refresh rate.

There are also more speculations that iPhone 12 will be thinner than the previous generation iPhones. it is also confirmed that wired headphones will no longer be included in the iPhone package. 

It is also reported that there is also one more biggest upgrade to the screen. Apple is most likely to implement 10-bit color depth. This means that display will be able to interpret more than 1 billion colors which is by far the biggest upgrade over the 16.7 million colors which is supported by the 8-bit panel.

Obviously this year’s iPhone will have A14 Bionic processor and 5G network supported by default. it is also expected to support Wi-Fi 6 technology which offers a higher bandwidth usage.

iPhone 12 Colors:

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is expected to launch in four different colors Space Grey, Silver, Gold, and Navy blue.

iPhone 12 Release Date:

Because of the Corona pandemic across the globe, it has affected and halted the company’s production.

So Most probably the mass production is expected to begin by the first week of July and Apple would mostly launch its iPhone 12 variants by October and expected to hit the shelves by November.

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